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No Test Solution Is Required, and No Pollution Is Caused: AquaWiz KH Controller™


Here, we would like to sincerely introduce Coral Bay Technologies Ltd. As a company from Taiwan, we specialize in the field of marine ecological technology and have successfully launched our innovative product, that is, the AquaWiz KH Controller™, in markets of China, Taiwan, and Singapore. This unique product has garnered high praise across multiple markets, and we are now seeking partners to expand the market.
As a patented invention, the AquaWiz KH Controller™ can automatically detect the KH levels of your aquarium and control the built-in dosing motor to automatically add KH solution. In addition to realizing efficient measurement and control, this product can also eliminate the potential pollution caused by chemical usage. Its successful launch in China, Taiwan, Singapore, and other regions underscores its exceptional performance in the marine ecological aquaculture field.

What are the advantages of the product in contrast with other brands that require test solution?
   No test solution needed
   PH probe calibration: Measures relative PH, no calibration needed
   Built-in KH dosing head, KH to PH socket
   PUMP calibration: Initial one-time adjustment, measurement is not sensitive to flow inaccuracy
   PH probe aging detection: Aging is automatically detected, with warnings shown on the webpage

Some key features of the AquaWiz KH Controller™ are as follows:
1.   No test solution needed ! No pollutant produced ! No more test solution shortage.
2.   Resumes automatically after power outage.
3.   New water level control for reference water reservoir.
4.   Controls KH in a tank through a built-in dosing pump to dosing KH solution.
5.   KH to PH converting BNC plug to enable reading and control KH by a PH controller.
6.   Specific PH electrode, no extra calibration step is needed.
7.   Detects the aging of the PH electrode, automatically reminds for replacement.
8.   No more worry when you are out of town ! Notify through email when out of specification. Check KH status remotely in a line chart through
9.   Measurement intervals can be set to 1~6 hours through the web interface.
10.   Enclosed motor and pump, and sleep timer setting.
11.   Open lid design for easy installation and maintenance

For more information about the AquaWiz KH Controller™ and its features, please visit our official website: [](

If you are interested in further business collaboration with us, becoming our agent or distributor, or would like to learn more about the product, such as pricing and partnership details, please feel free to directly send information to this email. We’re looking forward to our further discussions, as well as establishing a long-term and mutually beneficial partnership with you.

Thanks very much for reading this email in your busy schedule. We will be very pleased to win the opportunity for further engagement.

Best regards,

Coral Bay Technologies Ltd.


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