Tweaks for planted aquarium to Fighting against Bangkok summer


My tank after running for 8 months without any signs of Algae's,  Recently, two week ago i  got  BBA showing up in my tank,  the only parameter that changed in my tank was temperature,  which went high up to 30.5 degree from stable 27.00 Degree due to summer heat in bkk, after digging on internet i found that 
Co2/ O2 (or any gas)  have hard time  getting dissolved in water at high temperature, so considering the fact , out break of BBA was  a clear indication , its was due to lack of Co2 or fluctuating Co2,
so i cranked up my Co2 to compensate the loss and  BBA was under control,
i don't like to blowing the  fans on surface as water gets evaporated at very high rate, too much of surface movement  causes excess co2 degassing while most of the fans are noisy and atheistically not good looking,
so any one in same situation like me  try increasing your Co2
the LFS  shops in Jatujak have good looking tanks with lush growth and colors yet  know signs of aglae's while  we look at there bubble counters, its so less co2 has been injected but what we fail to observe is most of the shops open Air condition which brings the room temperature down while again they blow fans on top so this further reduces the temperature of the tank , so they need to inject small amount of Co2 to reach there desired PPM as Co2 and o2 gets fast dissolved at lower temperatures, unfortunately we all don't open
i think chillers are the best option the only draw back is they take lot of space and money


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